Book reviews and publishers are better (and safer) gatekeepers of the information I dare expose my brain to than the vagaries of Twitter, HN, Reddit, or people on the Internet (myself included). Old-fashioned, I know.

This list is organized by the subject I was delving into at the time. In a few cases, I have linked to relevant — and even reputable (!) — websites.


Disclaimer. Unfortunately, management books are almost always too long and low information density. Skimming is your friend. And in any case, the hard part about growing as a manager is not to read but to apply.

My best advice to budding managers is simple: read High Output Management and apply as much of it as you can for the next 365 days then repeat the whole process, forever. You’ll quickly find yourself in the 99th percentile of managers.

The drop off is steep after these two.

If you’re a manager or executive at a (fast growing) technology company of the Silicon Valley variety, you may want to consider the following:

For tactics, refer to Lara Hogan’s excellent blog.

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